Innovation and Excellence

AL Farahidi University offers you a high quality of education and guarantees your future.

Al-Farahidi College was established as a scientific institute that informs the university scientific process in our beloved Iraq.

The college obtained the approval of the Council of Ministers and the recognition of the Ministry of Higher Education and Iraqi Scientific Research according to the Ministry’s letter number (C 2678) on 26-5-2013 and the college includes (14) scientific section.

The faculty is keen to include a group of professors who have expertise and scientific knowledge in various medical, engineering, scientific and humanities, which makes the scientific and professional level in our college at higher levels.

Al-Farahidi University The university has its distinguished location, its buildings, its facilities, sports stadiums, classrooms, laboratories and specialized studios. It prepares the scientific atmosphere from various specialties and plays its role in preparing the specialized cadres and preparing them to serve the nation and to support the scientific and educational march in our beloved Iraq.

About your ambition to success

We have a wide range of programs in business, law, marketing, computer engineering, education, accounting, finance and others. Al-Farahidi University offers a different student experience. We are interested in what happens inside and outside the classroom. We offer some of the best student activities and sports clubs. Students have the opportunity to experience something new

  • 80% of the employers say it is very important for recent graduates to demonstrate the ability to apply learning in real-world settings.

  • 60% of the employers believe that ALL college students should be expected to complete a significant applied learning project before graduating.

  • Alfarahidi University makes sure ALL of our students have the applied learning experience.

Our Mission

The mission of Alfarahidi University is to offer nationally competitive and  recognized opportunities for learning, discovery and engagement to a diverse population of students in a real-world setting.  Alfarahidi University  pursues a broad agenda of research and creative activities.   As a knowledge resource to the public, the university builds partnerships with other educational institutions, community organizations, government agencies, and the private sector to serve the region

Universities are never complete. They develop as new challenges and opportunities occur. At Alfarahidi University we innovate, we push the frontiers of understanding; we ask new research questions, we turn theory through experiment into practice – because that’s what great universities do.

Our commitment is best understood as a statement of collective ethos, setting out the qualities and responsibilities underpinning the education on Alfarahidi University degree programmes.

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